Prayer for England Day 2

Well, its day 2 of my God given task to pray for England for 6 months. As I write this I felt to ask myself a question why England and not Great Britain or the United Kingdom? For the past few years I have come to relate to the fact that I was born in England therefore I am an Englishman. The other countries that make up Great Britain appear to be allowed to celebrate their individualism but when it comes to expressing myself as an individual I am told I am British and I have to hold that position. If the governing bodies in this country would like to tell a Scotsman that he is British or a Welsh nationalist that he is British then please do, but do take cover after you attempt your reasoning as they are fiercely proud of their heritage. Well sir, so am I. I am an Englishman and proud of it.

I am too and more importantly a lover of Jesus and as I was praying today I realised just how big a task it is to pray for England. There are so many facets to this wonderful country that I feel a need to provide myself some structure in order to cover everything I feel that needs prayer. I am swayed only by my personal need for structure as I know the Lord has a wonderful way of breaking my personal need for containment and thus proving he is an organic natured being who can say and do, how and whatever he pleases.

I prayed earlier today for the church to become a more intuitive and response to the spirit led body, I too pray that the church will become a body of integrity. There are too many people doing church as oppose to being church and this is where I feel God really wants to break through. I have been challenged in the past year by the change to church that God appears to be provoking. We are a building led society where we have a need to feel contained. We only push as far as we feel safely held within ourselves and the building we place ourselves in makes us feel safe and appreciated by those around us.

There are too the leaders who have out of their own trauma attempted to build churches with failure in their hearts. This in turn has turned to corruption and I feel God will judge these bodies and if they do not repent then I see prison is their only hope of survival. Their internal prison of their own making and a physical prison to answer for the wrongs that have been perpetuated within society. Lets pray for their repentance.

As I said above I will attempt to give myself some structure but I am open and expectant of Jesus to break through whenever he needs something specific highlighted in my prayer time. Today I felt a saddening in my spirit about 2 young men who were stabbed to death in Oxford street during one of the busiest Christmas shopping days of the year. The newspapers have speculated that these were two separate gang related incidents. It occurred to me that as Christians we need to be clear about the reasons we are fighting. Did these young men have clear understanding of why they were fighting? One newspaper suggested that one of the young men died for the sum of £250. Is this the price of a life? This deeply saddens me and I further pray for people to rise up and give these young men a purpose to live. I pray that God will raise up men and women who can give wisdom of life over death and destruction. I pray that men and women will give purpose and reason for these young men to want to live in order to make a difference to others.

Thanks for visiting. I’ll write more tomorrow.

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