Prayer for England Day 3

This is going to be a mammoth task and one I have felt rather inept to fulfil. I am determined though to continue with as much enthusiasm as one can muster. I have an idea if anyone reading this can make a similar commitment and pray for the remaining time in this exercise then hopefully together we can make a difference. 

I prayed at length today for the 2 men who are on trial for the Stephen Lawrence murder. This case is particularly harrowing for the family of this young man who was murdered for no other reason than the colour of his skin. Stephen was murdered by a gang of white youths in 1993 in south London. The Police at the time made arrests and placed on trial 5 young men.   The Police did not have sufficient scientific evidence at the time to extract any evidence and the 5 young men arrested refused to speak on their own behalf. I remember being part of a society at the time that was confused and angry with the outcome when a not guilty verdict was made and the accused walked free.

Well, now we have the double jeopardy rule that means if fresh evidence comes to light the same people can go on trial again for the same offence. New technology is now in use and there has been a new trial for 2 of the original members of the group that were accused. I have followed this trial for the past 3 weeks with interest and I just pray justice is done. If emotion takes over for the jurors and they find them guilty I hope it is because they truly are and that it won’t further disappoint a hurting family by not being a safe conviction. I pray for wisdom in the judicial system that this time things are proved to be righteous. The jury is now out to consider their verdict lets hope it is a righteous victory for justice, whatever happens.

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