Prayer for England Day 4

I started today in exasperation at the news of a well known TV personality who never seems to avoid  controversy seemingly making a racist comment. When you actually read the comments verbatim  it turns out he is giving an opinion about travelling around in India and was something anyone is likely to say had they ever taken the time to travel to a developing country. I won’t bother you with the whole story albeit to say that what we have is the continuation and sad development of political correctness, it seems to have evolved now from making men and women afraid to communicate with each other to the other end of the spectrum where people of different ethnicities are afraid to say things either out of ignorance or fear for what the outcome maybe. We are rapidly becoming such a volatile and intolerant nation, an unfortunate fact which is something my prayers addressed earlier today.

The attack on community starting with the very simple strategy of eliminating the value of family is something I felt an urgency in my spirit to cover today in my prayers. It is from the truth and understanding the value of family that the above issues emanate. It is the rejection of these values that have eroded the situation within the community in recent years. I pray this is highlighted at some point because at present I feel a restlessness within society that needs answers only Jesus can provide.

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