Prayer for England Day 5 (Farewell 2011)

Goodness me, doesn’t every year appear to get shorter and shorter, I have always thought that time reminds me of when I was a boy when I used to record the Top 40 pop charts on a Sunday evening. I can’t remember why I did this because I never actually listened to the songs after I recorded them. The following week I would rewind the tape in order to record that week’s music over the songs that had been recorded the week before. When the tape started chugging away it appeared to be slow and would take forever to get back to the beginning but after about half way the tape suddenly got faster and faster and the tape just whizzed by and stopped in a twinkling of an eye. The tape suddenly became ready to start recording again.

I find time is very much like this the older I get the faster it tends to move and I have often felt anxious that I have not received my fullness in God when I have not been as obedient to the Father as I feel I could have. In my personal experience the more I fill my time with “God stuff” the more time there seems to achieve everything I need to do. Well here’s hoping this happens in the coming year, I reached my half century a few months ago and feel the second half of my existential life tape is suddenly moving at a rate of knots that I can barely keep up. So here’s to the New Year!!

I organised my tax returns for the year 11-12 earlier today with the intention of doing them at the end of every month from now on. It’s amazing how relaxed it makes you  feel when you have achieved something that you constantly resist. I have always found it difficult to focus on important issues and my flesh screams at the very thought of sitting down and doing probably the most important job of my working life. I have often felt a similar way when I felt the need to pray, my flesh would find every reason not to engage with a Father who needed me to involve him in all my life and not just when things got bad.

This past 5 days with the 6 month challenge has been a battle which I am determined to win for Him, although putting it into perspective it is the Father who is doing the winning. I just need to continue to exercise my will. I prayed earlier today for wisdom for our leaders. I was reminded when I first bought broadband internet and a friend of mine who knows far more than I about computers said that now you have broadband you need to increase your protection. I asked him why and he said that now you have constant access the cyber attacks will be non stop so you need a higher level of virus detection.

I feel there is a parallel here for our country because if you remember David Cameron spoke openly of a Christian heritage in this country, I think in November, and then the Queen during her Christmas day speech spoke openly about Jesus. It would appear to me that they are unconsciously responding to the spirit and therefore they need our prayers. I believe David Cameron has the potential for greatness in his grasp and it is with some urgency I encourage people to cover him in prayer. This year is going to be a huge year for this country and I will raise my spiritual voice as loud as I can. We need the father’s protection because there is darkness in our midst which I believe needs to stay defeated and we need to be alert and conscious of our heavenly father which is something we all need to profess loudly.

Blessings in Jesus and a Happy New Year!!

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