Prayer for England Day 7

I have just recovered from a knee operation and return to work on Wednesday. Before my surgery I was the victim of a severe verbal attack which, thankfully, was stopped from going any further with the intervention of the Police. My crime was; I told someone who was swearing at a shop owner to mind his mouth. Society is becoming more and more unpredictable and has occasionally made me want to stay inside my home and never leave. Some weeks before this incident 2 young men in their late teens threatened me physically because I asked them to take their feet off the trams in Croydon in order for me to have a  seat. I feel a mixture of anger and sadness at these events and towards the people involved because the more I intercede for them the more I see where they have come from and how their life chances have been hampered by a lack of righteousness and love within their early lives.

The amount of blame they apportion to everyone about the way they feel inside has affected me profoundly. The shame they feel, particularly young men, who threaten others for no more than looking at them. This fear of disconnection or the internal life tape that plays the oh so familiar mantra “how can anyone love me” is something I will endeavour to prayerfully address when I return to work.  Almost everyone I speak with blames someone else for their lot in life, when blame is analysed  you discover it is a way to discharge pain and discomfort within oneself. I pray for our communities up and down the country and pray that their life stories become eventful in a way that brings a difference to society for the better. 

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