Prayer for England Day 10

I have been struck by the power of the media in the past few days and how one person’s perception can have the ability to affect the views of so many. It isn’t any wonder how the views held by someone in the street can be changed and manipulated to such a degree that when it is recorded and watched we can sometimes be horrified at what it appears we have either agreed to or said. I do sometimes think that the average person on the street is being hard done by after you realise that politicians and leading members of high profile companies pay media specialists many thousands of pounds in training to make sure they are represented accurately.

I was praying about the integrity of the press in light of the many  news reports that have been aired in the past few weeks concerning some high profile news items. I have suffered an addiction to news programmes over the years and I have to confess it has been really challenging when I have weaned myself from turning on the news.

I believe there are strongholds within the media that have and do affect the way we perceive things and I feel it is good practice to remember this when sitting down to inform ourselves of the days events.  I pray that a blessing of integrity and mindfulness comes upon our media because ultimately there will be a time when the biblical truth of Jesus will be singing from all aspects of the media.

I also believe that we need to have a spirit of truth and discernment around such things as the enemy is likely to sing a tune that may hold an aspect of truth but is anything but truthful. This is why we need to keep our eyes on the one who called us to faith in the first place. If you don’t recognise his voice now get used to hearing it before its too late.

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