Prayer for England Day 11

I’ve been back to work now for 3 days after a long break as I have mentioned before and I am completely shattered. When I arrived home this evening it would have been so easy to bypass what has become a positive habit; praying for the country of my birth. I have come to realise that pushing oneself to do something when you realise you are doing it for reasons beyond your own understanding and relying completely on someone so eternal that only he can make a difference through my choice of actions is a wonderful feeling.

I started praying this evening about a national sense of justice and then started to consider that maybe I was praying about judgement. I was keen to point out that my heart certainly wasn’t asking God for justice on this country I have faith that mercy and grace are what are needed at present and that judgement would only be worth asking for if you knew beyond any doubt that there was no hope at all for this country to completely turn to God. I have heard in church meetings over the years from generally inexperienced and new Christians for judgement into a particular situation they have struggled with. I have always wanted to approach them and gently remind them of the colossal request they are in fact asking God to perform. I often think God ignores these requests if the person fails to understand the consequences of what they are asking because I have known people to die after asking such a thing. The reason this is such a risky prayer to pray is we often don’t see a situation the same way God does.

The sense of justice I continued to pray into was the justice that make oneself feel safe and secure the fact that righteousness prevails completely over something. I was crying out for this nation to have confidence in a justice system that gets things right and is consistent and fathomable. I pray too that justice can make sense to people rather than have a sense of justice that no-one can relate to. I prayed  for a people to understand and want to involve them selves in social and local issues that everyone can have a say about how local government is facilitated.

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