Prayer for England Day 13

Do we always say what we mean or mean what we say? Quite often when emotions are involved we certainly do not. There are very few people who have the ability to completely engage in emotive issues and matters of the heart and keep our words completely in harmony with our feelings. I have mentioned this before but this time the prime minister has made a  comment that has sparked a row over how he made an off the cuff comment about an opposition minister in the house stating that whenever he speaks it is as if George Osborne has Tourette’s.

Well, to be perfectly honest he does, the prime minister can barely say a word before Osborne starts with the tics and gesticulations. If we have to watch every single iota of information that comes out of our mouths without the hearers stating “oh poor me look I’m a victim you can’t say that” where on earth would we be. This is just another example of how political correctness is destroying society and the ability to communicate and have relationship. PC’s is preventing the world from speaking out and having the permission to make a mistake. Making mistakes promotes instruction and  affects relationship. If we are not allowed to speak  out and somehow get it wrong then for goodness sake! come on people lets get with the programme. When I was a boy I was taught to speak up and say what was bothering me. If I got something wrong I was taught how to mediate and discuss and facilitate a relationship with the person who challenged me.

Some might say that people with Tourette’s quite often don’t have the ability to discuss things in a way that defines reason but there is a bigger issue at stake here. There is not a week that passes before someone has tweeted words that have offended someone. Well this is the price we pay for free speech. I’d sooner live in a country with free speech than have to lose sleep over spending time in prison for speaking what is on my heart.

A time is rapidly approaching if we continue in this vain that to say Jesus is my Lord and Saviour will be enough to put me behind bars. The reason for this is, I will not apologise for speaking about the lover of my soul. So people speak up what’s now in your heart and challenge this ridiculous notion that everyone in the world is going to be offended. I know you can’t please everybody all of the time but lets talk to each other  and if you are offended lets have some dialogue and a whole lot of relationship into the bargain.

I pray that this whole notion of political correctness can be challenged and in some cases reversed. We have come along way and I by no means believe that we should speak to and about each other in a way that promotes offence. We know when we’re being offensive but off the cuff remarks are simply that, nothing more nothing less.

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