Prayer for England Day 14

I was praying earlier about how to proceed in what has seemingly become a mammoth exercise in intercession. I think anything that appears bigger than is achievable in our own strength can often obscure the clarity that we know in our hearts to be won in the power of Jesus.

I have been reading a lot of books pertaining to lots of different aspects to this country whether it being national and local politics to how social injustices of bygone generations have affected the way we see and live in the here and now. For instance I was reading earlier today a book that was stating how the coastline is being eroded and that the forefront of the coast is governed by the department of trade while the land that runs along the top of the coastline is governed by the forestry  commission. Both have far different policies that work against each other while the coastline suffers through disagreement. The strange thing is both these bodies receive large amounts of money from central government with no-one to actually turn and say look why can’t we work together and save something that needs to be saved. Madness beyond belief.

I pray that we can have some clarity in decision making in local government otherwise when decisions that will cost lives have to be made they’ll more likely do so flippantly. Rise up Church and pray!

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