Prayer for England Day 15

I was looking back over the past few weeks of  prayer and some of the blogs I’ve posted and the theme that appears to be clear is media. I believe this will be integral  in shaping the view of the church in the next 5-10 years. I feel there will be a growth of transparency and trust between the state and the church. I also believe the Lord is preparing his church to be further “explored” by society and that those within it will begin to be healed supernaturally of the trauma of “in-church” differences. If we accepted our differences of who we are and became more trusting of each other’s gifting then mountains could be moved. God has  made each of us in such a unique way and gifted us in such a way that only we can do what God has given us to do. Stop comparing yourself with others just do what it is that you know to be right in your heart. If you get it wrong rejoice, you’ve learned something.

Speaking as a therapist I know how people who have experienced a trauma as a child generally become “stuck” in some behaviour or emotion. So when a person responds emotionally to some external stimulus i.e. another person, they respond as a child at the age of the experienced trauma and behave in a way that is out of proportion or context to the given situation. I believe there are churches up and down the country that have experienced and are  continuing to experience this kind of trauma and have become stuck as a result.

If I was a gambling man I would bet that the majority of church members who find fault with a new minister are unconsciously comparing him through the eyes of hurt and rejection they have experienced when the church was in turmoil. Unfortunately there are those amongst us that go from church to church carrying an increasingly heavy load that gets heavier with every visit. I really believe it is these people who God wants to heal because when the world starts to enter the church the one thing that will turn them away is a divided people. I’m sure they’d think why do I need this I’ve got this outside in the world. I thought you’d be different.

In the context of media I also feel the Lord saying that the media is going through a radicalisation of cleansing. I think that reality TV will become “out of vogue” and there will be a turning to morality. I believe this turning to morality will be for a limited time before there are “supernatural” offences on the street of our cities which will baffle and terrify aspects of the community. I need to pray more into this so I’ll stop right there.

I urge the church to pray and become one, pray, pray and pray more.

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