Prayer for England Day 16

I alluded to something yesterday that has left me feeling nervous but nevertheless a continued urgency in my spirit to pray more into the time very soon when our children will openly embrace the spirit of darkness. The supernatural is something that in my experience makes Christians incredibly uncomfortable. I have the sense that they are afraid of being labelled as a “bit of a lunatic” and ultimately fearing man rather than embracing the ultimate victory of Jesus.

I have had the sense for many years now that the “spirit of Molech” has been hovering over our cities in England and eliminating children on our very streets. Molech for those of you that are not familiar with the term was the false deity that men sacrificed their children through the fire of Molech in order to gain exclusion from shame. I find this really interesting because shame is something that the majority of children who are street wise have in abundance.  I have been struck by how many young men appear to completely lose their temper if anyone should as much as look at them. That really is a deep and unconscious depth of ashamedness which comes from a sense of early trauma. I pray that our present generation can find a solution in a Jesus who is as current and relevant as he has ever been.

I believe children will openly look into a spirit of darkness and believe the deception that will in their belief give them power and abilities that will serve a god that only has destruction at it’s core.

I pray that God will rise up in our communities and establish those that want to save our young people from destruction and show them the love of God that they have never experienced in any of their families. I pray in earnest for genuine unconditional love and support to give our children hope and safety and a future to build on for themselves and to establish dreams and desires for their lives. I pray for a father spirit to touch mature Christian men who want to be a role model for these young people to succeed in life.

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