Prayer for England Day 17

I am in expectation for God to do miracles for and with this country inside of the time frame of this prayer exercise. I have never felt such a burden to pray for England as much as I have in the past 17 days. I am very excited and have continued to ask God to cover this country in safety and blessing of health, wealth and faith so that the Glory of the Father is exemplified in the world towards England. The more I pray for these things the more I have noticed how the world at large have resisted and continues to resist the influence that government attempts to place on world events. I do feel there is an unconscious diluting by a large number of government officials and departments in how they perceive the Christian Church in this country and how they have allowed traditional faiths of other cultures to radicalise and have more of a political influence. Through commitment to prayer this can be prevented from going further.

I do think that the way we, as a country, see and treat Israel  will determine the depth of blessing and ultimate protection the church will experience in the days to come. Just as an example of how much an influence Israel is in the middle east take a look at the outline of the countries below that make-up the Arab League. These countries all being Muslim make the shape of a lion and notice where on this lion that Israel is situated. The small piece of land coloured in red is on the collar of the lion making this the most significant place of control and influence. Is it any wonder that all these countries want to completely wipe Israel of the face of the earth. This is proof that we are in a spiritual war that will continue to wage battle after battle. We as Christians know that we have in fact won the war we simply need to live as though we are victors.

I pray that we can bless Israel abundantly and as I have said before I hope we can repair the damage done by the promises we broke and have some restoration between our countries in the year of restoration during this year’s Olympiad.


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One Response to Prayer for England Day 17

  1. I find your comments thought provoking and enjoyable in equal measure. you have really got something good going here which in my view is both prophetic, provocative as well as entertaining.
    Keep it up,

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