Prayer for England Day 18

I’ve been praying about an action with the view to having the faith that God can change whatever it is I am asking, thing is I feel a little confused at what it is I’m asking. The original objective was for me to have faith enough for God to radically do a work or miracle through my commitment to pray everyday for 6 months. The story I relayed to you on day 1 had in fact an element of action involved. The guy who had said he would pray for something really random was then introduced to someone from Kenya he then visited the country and was so taken by poverty he then actioned his faith by writing letters to medical companies asking for help which he received. Miraculous things occurred soon after.

I was praying earlier and simply asking the Lord to give me a strategy for prayer regarding England. Politics is something that interests me and also the healing of vulnerable people and actions my gift as a therapist. So in all of this I am open to be given a task if this is what is being asked. Then there is the question; is this blog the task? And who is open to reading it? It certainly has become a discipline, I never thought I could continue for this long. Strangely enough when I get to my computer I have absolutely no idea what it is I need to write and then it just seems to come intuitively.

I will continue in earnest to pray and seek the heart of God for this country. I will be travelling up to the most northern part of England after this coming weekend and am looking forward to praying up and down the length of the beautiful country. I’m keen to find the key as to what the Lord is asking. Hopefully I’ll find it.

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