Prayer for England Day 20

There is a spiritual depth to society recently that I have noticed in so many different ways. I know there are things that people say with some regularity in the church which is “revival is on its way” or “revival is coming soon” or “we’re praying for revival”. This is the first time in my 30 years as a Christian that I have some essence of excitement about comments such as these. It hasn’t been until the past few years that I have actually felt strong enough in God to acknowledge such comments and embrace this change. If that should appear a strange thing to say I believe when revival sweeps this nation there will be a major awakening of all spiritual flavours and they won’t all be Christian. This is the dilemma I believe God has always had; Is my church strong enough? When the light shines darkness will become evident in abundance.

I have started to pray further into this and taking into account some of my previous posts I am of the belief that in order for revival to have a “fullness in God” the Church in this country will have to turn its eyes completely on Jesus and accept Israel in a way they never have. That will ensure the fullness of the blessing in my view and the power that is needed will come. I also believe that when the church radically accepts Israel there will be a major resistance from Islam that sees a spiritual backlash like we could have never imagined. I had a dream of burning churches in this country, many of them, but this will not sway God’s people. Worship will be seen on the streets unashamedly there will be “church with no buildings”.

There will be an awakening of witchcraft that accepts the young and a demonic outpouring of violence and bloodshed. I have never felt such an urgency in my spirit as I’m feeling it now. I pray for the young in Jesus to become committed and pray like you’ve never prayed before. I pray that people will have a sense of maturity about them and fear God, no other person or event should be feared. There will be an out pouring of the supernatural in healings and prosperity. This nation is on the cusp of great things. Pray!

I am travelling to the north of England for 5 days but will continue in my prayer quest. I will not be posting until next weekend. Please pray for me.

Kind Regards – Everyman 

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