Prayer for England Days 21-26

Well, what a week I’ve had I have prayed everyday for clarity on what I spoke about in my last post and feel as though I now have at least a structure as to what I can base my further intercession. On my first day I felt to go and pray out in the open and claim this land for God. It was a symbolic gesture and found myself laying hands on Hadrian’s wall repenting of all the blood shed that was caused at the hands of the English. I felt at the time, simply because of the news items that were in the media the previous week, that what I was asking God for was repentance for the way England had treated Scotland over the years. I don’t pretend to be an expert in the field of cross cultural differences between the Scots and the English but I know enough that there is and always has been enmity between us and for the most part the English have taken more than they were entitled.

I further prayed into this idea of repentance and felt prompted to explore more of the idea that Israel is the key to this country’s healing and further blessing in God. What I discovered blew me away completely. The idea of my laying hands on Hadrian’s wall being a symbolic gesture was certainly true but the repentance was not towards Scotland but towards Israel. I feel that if we do not repent for the breaking of promises towards Israel then the complete break-up of Great Britain, as is now, will symbolise the ultimate  judgement of God. Scotland’s independence, in my view, would be the irreversible judgement of God on the British Empire I feel this can be avoided.

What I have discovered this week was to highlight my ignorance of what in fact Britain is guilty. The 1917 Balfour Treaty, a mandate, agreed with the League of Nations was that Britain would facilitate repatriation of  the Jews to their historical homeland and creation of the state of Israel. When holocaust survivors attempted to escape the atrocities across Europe and travel to Palestine the British denied them access and imprisoned them in camps ultimately causing the deaths of up to 2 million Jews. This is an estimate by leading historians and in fact could have been as high as 3 million. This denial of Israel at the time has facilitated God’s word against Great Britain and has slowly but surely dismantled the British Empire.  I also believe that the troubled times we are now experiencing is a continuation of this judgement that is mentioned in Genesis 12.

When the Union Jack was lowered in Palestine in 1948 it was in fact upside down. This is an international signal for distress. I think it was a prophetic occurrence; that Great  Britain’s empire was about to crumble and of course it has for no apparent natural reason.

In our second Olympiad since 1948 I believe that we can finish this year with the blessing of God. I am moved to cry out in prayer for a national day of repentance for the behaviour and duplicity against Israel.

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