Prayer for England Day 27

I feel minded to continue in my prayer and intercession towards Israel knowing this is a key towards the healing and blessing of this country. I am by no means a bible teacher or an expert in classical Hebrew or Greek but I just wanted to expound on a verse that I mentioned yesterday. In Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse. Through you every family on earth will be blessed.”

It is the word curse that I want to discuss; in the Hebrew text there are 2 different words used in the same sentence for the word curses and curse. These words are Qalal and Arar. Qalal means to disparage or mock, make fun of, turn your back on. When we talk about this in our English language it doesn’t have the same depth of meaning as it does in the original text but God takes this very seriously because he uses the next word Arar against those who curse his people. This word Arar means to destroy, crush, make into nothing. That’s really a very severe punishment to those who even mock his people. I will crush those who make fun of my people and if you allow your imagination to run free for a little while you could say it is the same as a father crushing the school bully who has bullied a child he holds dear. That’s Father God becoming very scary and I want to stand in the gap for a people I hold dear.

It is with a sense of urgency that I want to continue to encourage you to take this information to our leaders within the church and start praying and asking God to initiate  a national day of repentance for our broken promises and betrayal towards Israel. This, I am convinced is the only way our country can come into a fullness of blessing which will be needed in order to facilitate a fresh move of God and see revival in its completeness.

I will continue in my quest to pray and intercede for this country as led by the holy spirit. Be watchful with me in these days of spiritual uncertainties as the “gates of Janus”* all readily seem to become further open as the weeks go by.

*It was the custom of the country [Latium], when war was to be undertaken, for the chief magistrate, clad in his robes of office, with solemn pomp to open the gates of the temple of Janus, which were kept shut as long as peace endured. – Bulfinch’s mythology

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