Prayer for England Day 28

My prayer life seems to have taken me into a realm that I didn’t think I’d ever have come to enjoy and the demands it has taken on my time is something I’m finding exciting. I was one for always coming home and relaxing in front of that box in the corner of the room that seems to extract all sense of time and energy. I have come to insist on my time alone and continue in my quest to cry out for mercy and establish a sense of a new beginning for this country in the sight of God.

I am continuing learning more about the relationship that Israel and Great Britain had that was so important for our country’s future standing and blessing in the kingdom of God. I know that I have called these blogs Prayer for England but for this part in the process all my prayer seems to revolve around the decisions made by Great Britain. As I have stated before I feel identified by the fact that I am an Englishman and have always tried to establish myself as a man of England. As a Christian I would love to formally identify myself as a citizen of heaven but I am bound by laws and legal statutes that insist that I am British. I choose to kick against the British tag the state places on me only because I know it is something that those in authority over me can understand.

I’ve always found it helpful to have something to push against particularly when I know I’m right. It is this right standing in God that propels me forward to understand what it was about the decisions made by Great Britain during the early part of the 20th century when decisions and promises were broken that caused Israel to be betrayed buy our nation. I have asked the question; was this one person’s decision, overall, to renege on a promise? Therefore, this one bad decision has turned into a judgement for all those in this country and one which needs to be repented. I was in complete ignorance of the issues I have explained in part, in previous posts and am keen to initiate a strategy in how to establish a national day of repentance towards Israel.

I have been praying about a letter to author and send to government  officials and people of influence in this country and to word it in such a way that I don’t sound like a Christian which is seen to stereotype negative views in government of the people of God.  It is these negative ideas of the Christian Church within circles of government which I believe are part of the curse that I discussed in recent posts. Until these decisions of almost a century ago are repented I believe that the negativity shown against the people of God will only increase in severity and regularity.

lets get praying!

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