Prayer for England Day 29

I sometimes feel that when we pray we have made up our minds what it is we want God to do and what is our response when he answers a prayer outside of our understanding or desire. Do we then attack him for answering in such a way believing that we are victims of the enemy’s actions. Above everything else we pray I believe we need to ask God for discernment and have the wisdom of restraint when we can say Lord you have answered this prayer but it is not how I thought you might have worked but thank you. I often feel that if we approach prayer in this manner God would trust us with more more.

As I said in one of my earlier posts that for prayer to work one needs to work at prayer. I know God has something incredibly special for this country but it is up to us to pray it into being whilst not knowing what this may ultimately be. I do firmly believe, however, that it is connected to Israel in some way and this will not start in full until we repent as a nation for the way our ancestral governments have treated and turned their back on God’s chosen people.

I was speaking with someone last weekend and it suddenly occurred to me that I have been a Christian 30 years next month and in all that time I haven’t felt as much on fire for God as I have since I have been writing this blog and interceding for this country. If this is my defining moment in God and marks me as a man of intercession for this country then you know, that’s OK with me.

I was shocked and upset my the news of a young man who lost his life recently and it is speculative of me to say he took his own life but unfortunately it seems very likely that he did. I find this news desperately sad to think that someone was hurting inside so badly that death was the only way out. I pray that we as a people of God will see the lost who are hurting and have the wisdom and courage to offer them solace. It doesn’t matter how much we get it wrong because isn’t it better to get it wrong than not to offer anything at all. It costs nothing to reach out to someone but everything can be lost if we don’t.

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