Prayer for England Day 30

How often do we expect to be surprised or blessed by God when we pray? For years now I have been more of the glass full type of person rather than my glass being half empty. This wasn’t a natural perspective of life for me but I really didn’t know I was a glass empty kind of person until I started spending more time with a friend of mine who simply refused to ever believe that he couldn’t achieve anything he put his mind to. At first I used to get really upset with him because I always felt insecure when he was around but as the years went by I started to have similar beliefs and began to think that anything was possible if you applied your energy to it. I was a Christian at the time but my friend wasn’t and still isn’t but I do believe God has favoured him due to the favour he has shown me. I began to explore this mind-set and applied this to the way I viewed God and I have seen God achieve amazing things through the persistence of prayer but mainly because he has changed me. CS Lewis said “prayer does absolutely nothing for God, prayer changes me” I love that quote because it is something I can really hang my hat on and believe that ultimately my prayers change situations but most often they change how I view them.

I have a very positive attitude to life and do get very frustrated when I hear people complaining. This is one reason I have a particular indifference to church sometimes and quite often just have to bite my tongue when I hear negativity towards those within the church that actually go out of their way to help make a difference. I find the more time I spend in the presence of God the more likely I am to have the ideals and attitude that he has towards situations. I feel that by spending time in the presence of God I actually start to develop a God like character. As I’m writing this I feel slightly hypocritical thinking maybe I’m going to have to eat what I’m serving because I still get upset with things that irritate me and have been less than gracious to some in the church.

As I’ve been praying for this country I feel a need more than ever to ask the Holy Spirit to really show us in the church how to be real. To give us the strength and courage to stop comparing ourselves with each other  and to not be afraid of being disliked or judged. By praying for the church in this way and asking the Lord to highlight our weaknesses I believe the church can become a source of radical strength for change.

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