Prayer for England Day 33

As I have discussed and prayed in previous posts I am of the mind that this nation is still under a curse after its broken promises towards Israel. I have authored a letter, an example of which is below, which I intend to send to Buckingham Palace and other significant individuals in order to influence a national day of repentance towards Israel.

I would ask that if you have a heart for this nation to be blessed in an abundant way then please join me in praying that this letter falls into the hands of someone who shares our faith and can empathise with seeing this nation blessed. 

Dear Sir,

I write as a British Citizen and one who is concerned for the future welfare of our nation. I am a Christian and have a very strong conviction to pray for the renewing of this country in God.

I have a view that we as a nation are responsible ultimately for the destruction of the British Empire. I have come to this conclusion by studying much of what our ancestors decided was right for their future generations but unfortunately I believe they got things terribly wrong.

I speak in particular about the decisions made under the Balfour declaration of 1917 and the subsequent breaking of these promises to give Israel an independent state. It is very well documented that Britain reneged on its legal responsibilities and it is due to this I believe that Britain has failed to fully develop an abundant blessing both physically and spiritually under the protection of God.

In Genesis 12:3a I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse.

I believe we as a nation are still currently under this curse as we failed to protect God’s chosen people. I am writing to ask if it is possible for Her Majesty the Queen to influence an apology by the Prime Minister and a national day of repentance towards Israel and to receive an abundant blessing Of God in return.

I humbly remain your obedient servant

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