Prayer for England Day 34

I have often thought that people always develop better when they are contained and what I mean by this is “internal containment”. I have thought this through quite deeply over the years and if you can imagine someone being given a task to complete and told there are no boundaries in how they should complete it. They can use what ever tools or gifts they want and go where ever they feel they need to go in order to complete the instruction. How long do you think it would be before they eventually returned with he task completed?

Quite likely they would never appear again and probably get side-tracked into finding something else to do and someone else’s task to complete. Now if this job were given to another person and they were given boundaries and sent into a huge glass room and told that the solutions to the task lie within the boundaries of the given space every single square centimetre would be explored and the puzzle would be given about as much creativity as it was possible to successfully complete. Not only that but it is likely that new ideas and fresh ways of seeing things would also be discovered for future use.

I find that if we come under the obedience of God and willingly restrict our desire to go out and  complete our God given tasks and goals then we would actually achieve far more  for the Kingdom of God than we currently do. I have known many Christians over the years who have gone running ahead of God in order to achieve what they perceive to be the best things for the Kingdom and only later to return a shadow of their former selves because they just kept seeing the immediate rather than the long term goal and became burned out, disillusioned and resentful.

I find there are a lot of churches that have fallen into this trap and I pray that there are enough wise people around in order to mentor those that are gifted and to give them the courage to restrict the ability in order for the roots to grow deeper in God. If ever I’m given the opportunity to speak with young gifted Christians I always tell them to chase God not the gift. I’ll build more on this next time.

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