Prayer for England Day 35

I feel the Lord directing me towards praying for the young and gifted in God. In Deuteronomy 28:2 And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the LORD your God.

Aren’t these wonderful words and all you have to do is to remain obedient to our heavenly Father. This, for a young and gifted young Christian can be the hardest lesson to learn. There are many young people in the Church up and down this country who more than likely out of adolescent fortitude and ignorance of life tend to have a gift in music or drama and think they are going to be the next Matt Redman or Cliff Richard……well Ok maybe Matt Redman. I often think God is smiling and saying there’s nothing wrong with the Matt Redman we have already. The point I am making is the lesson I learned very late in life I’d  love to pass on so those who listen can avoid the pitfalls I made. If we can realise that the gift we have is ultimately to favour God and not our own ego then this realisation is likely to become bigger and of more use to God than we could ever have imagined.

Even after a statement such as that it is hard to imagine anyone not be able to think wow where will this take me! The answer still has to be I don’t care! If God never leaves this place then keep me here and just let me keep on worshiping him in this place. I wanted to be an actor ever since I was a very small boy and I dreamed of making it as a huge star, I had the opportunity to go to drama school where I spent 3 years studying and God had to deal with me in a devastating way in order to get my attention. I still refused to listen and so God took it all away and I never really worked as much as I felt able to. 

I had a revelation about creativity and God clearly showed me that creativity is meant to heal. I felt the Lord say that if we as a church didn’t catch this idea then he would use the world to change people for him and use creativity in a new and exciting way to see people  healed, such is the advent of all the creative art therapies that are now coming to the fore in the world of medicine.

I studied to be a Dramatherapist at the best university in the country to study arts therapies. I passed my Master of Arts and have not been without employment ever since. I absolutely love the work I do it is incredibly challenging but worth every minute of the past lessons. I believe that if we gave up on ourselves and completely trusted God then he will never let us down and use us in the most incredible ways. Learn to trust him implicitly today.

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