Prayer for England Day 36

I was reflecting on some of the great men of God there have been over the past hundred years or so and how much God changed the world in which they lived through their commitment to pray.

I have read several books on a man named John Hyde who was an American given a burden by God to pray for India where he spent the majority of his 47 years. It was noted that he prayed for so long each day and was so incredibly faithful to prayer that some who knew him felt that his life was shortened by the amount of prayer he made before God. I find it hard to imagine praying so hard that it would ultimately cost you your life. It was also said that on occasions because his prayer was so effective he would change his mind and not criticise someone to God feeling that it may cause a person harm. Derek Prince once said of Hyde that there was a man given to failing God again and again and was thought to be so incompetent that it actually irritated Hyde to the point where he felt so desperate he started to pray negative things. Half way through this prayer he stopped himself  and repented of his negativity towards this man and then started to bless him for a couple of hours before God. This man who was being lifted up before God by Hyde then went on to become one of the most amazing ministers ever to be called into the ministry. Can you imagine someone with such love for people praying for you and me.

John Hyde’s prayer changed world events and he has become known as “Praying Hyde”. If you can get hold of a book about Hyde it is well worth a read. 

I will never profess to reach the heights in prayer that Hyde did when he was called into this ministry. There was a time that just to read about someone like Hyde made me feel so incredibly insecure but through taking the time to know God and to completely own who you are in God is a freeing experience like no other.

I believe that we as a Church in England can reach heights in God that will change and influence world events I firmly have faith that if we can ask the Lord for his direction in how to pray and learn to hear his voice then we can find the key to where God will position this country for his Glory.

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