Prayer for England Day 37

I recently came across a quote by Archbishop Desmond Tutu; If God’s will is not being done in politics, we need to ask whose will is? I have been challenged by this and have felt to prayerfully lift up our politicians who are in a place of uncertainty, on a spiritual knife edge, when they have no option but to take on an opposing position from the party line when a decision on moral issues is needed. This has to be the most difficult position to be in and one that needs people to show unshakeable faith in our God when putting their own needs and families second to those of the future of our country.

I raise again the need for this country to rise up and repent of our past negative decisions made in ignorance and fear towards Israel. These decisions have brought a judgement on this nation that in my view can be reversed and the untold blessing in apologising for betraying Israel is something I believe can be received from God.

As I have mentioned before I speak of the Balfour declaration of 1917 and the subsequent breaking of promises to give Israel an independent state. Historians have estimated that over 2 million and some say nearer 3 million Jews were killed as a result of British forces refusing them access to Palestine in the years preceding the end of World War 2. I am still researching all the evidential times and dates but it is a devastating indictment on this country which in my opinion has propagated the word of God causing judgment on our nation. 

I have continued to stand in the gap for this country and have sought God’s forgiveness in the hope we can turn this country around and teach our young people to invest their time and energy in a loving and gracious God.

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