Prayer for England Day 39

The art of speech and the ability to reason with people and to allow others to know how you are feeling without completely losing control yourself is a skill sadly lost to time it would appear. I was discussing such things with a friend just a few nights ago when he made the comment that we as a people have become insular, we walk around listening to music through headsets and talking on our mobile phones and insist working from home is a valid option and we appear keen not to engage in conversation if there is any chance of us having contact with another person. If there is any chance of us having relationship with another then we avoid it.

Sadly I have to admit that I have experienced this myself although now I recognise that I sometimes crave people’s company and just love to talk. This is obviously a bad thing when one is meant to be working and often I spend so much time in front of a computer I walk around the offices at work starting random conversations.

I’ve been praying that we can learn how to respond to a generation that has not had any training in how to gather their thoughts and reflect on how to make quality decisions. I find it difficult to imagine how a nation being forced to live closer together with all the houses and apartments being built and who crave space between lives are going to co-exist in 20 years time.

Clearly God made us to co-exist and have relationship with one another but we as a people of God have to take courage and push through the painful and difficult times and teach those who struggle with life and contentment around others to embrace each other.

The only way I have been able to achieve this myself is to recognise those times when I want to be alone and force myself to reach out to someone less able than myself. And yes it’s damn hard.

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