Prayer for England Day 40

I find it interesting that as we get older we find different ways of finding comfort and security. Well, that is if you are conscious of finding ways of comfort and security. When we were children we found comfort in all sorts of different ways such as eating sweets and watching television. Some of us remain in those very same comfort ranges the older we get and it is when we don’t find different ways of psychologically comforting ourselves that we don’t change in ways of maturity. I came home earlier today and felt exhausted and so I sat in front of our open fire and just sat back and snoozed for a couple of hours and afterwards felt refreshed and energized.

It occurred to me that once upon  a time I would have just switched the TV on and sat and watched a movie or whatever else was on and wasted hours of precious time. Since I have been taking the time to pray for England everyday I have noticed a very slow but definite constant change in my attitudes to many different things, I actually get excited about prayer. Now, as a Christian one might have thought I should have got excited about prayer from day one. No I didn’t, I felt it was a chore and although I forced myself to have regular quiet times it was nothing like it has been for the past 4o days.

I feel a sense of embarrassment admitting this but my prayer life has freed up so many different aspects to my personality I’m sensing a complete change in attitudes and views which I didn’t have before. I’m beginning to see people who I didn’t like through the eyes of God instead of my own fault ridden filtered mind that was so clearly trying to protect my own sense of vulnerability. 

It is this sense of vulnerability that God so wants us to have and take hold of, so he is able to reach people for his purposes and not ours.  I’m enjoying finding this side of myself afresh, since I’ve started to take more time for Him I’m finding myself reading books on the most bizarre topics at almost every opportunity. I’m rediscovering the basis of living in the spirit and I pray that we find the courage to completely allow God to consume us so that he can burn in us a brighter light for his purposes and Glory.

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