Prayer for England Day 42

Well, I’m in despair once again at news reports today about the freeing of a leading Islamic terrorist who openly poses a threat to this country. This is a decision made by the court in this land who have bowed to the unelected “court of human rights”. A decision that has deep spiritual significance for this country because ultimately this is a decision made against Israel. This man has never repented of his comments stating that the nation of Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth. I feel an urgency to pray as I’ve mentioned before but the spiritual temperature is such that it seems to be increasing every week.

I don’t take this kind of prayer and warfare lightly but I do think it is worth mentioning how the powers and principalities of darkness are radiating more and more as the years go by. As I write this I have memories of the millionaire businessman James Goldsmith who gave up his time and energy to fight these powers and principalities of darkness. When Labour first won the election that ousted John Major from power James Goldsmith started  a political movement called the “Referendum Party”. I remember thinking at the time that what this man was actually doing without knowing it was taking on demonic powers over this land. He appeared to have no spiritual protection because I have never seen any evidence of his faith but he suddenly died 12 months later of cancer. I think that was significant. Every party at every election has promised to “look” at the possibility of having an election to decide whether we should accept the European single currency but as yet no-one has made a substantial promise to allow it.

While there are people of wealth in this land that have political opinions contrary to the establishment I think they need our prayer and support for taking on issues that matter to God. I believe with all my heart that what might appear to be a lost cause is not a lost cause at all I think England is far from lost.

I refer back to the first paragraph above, I believe we need to warfare against the spiritual blindness that is accepting and making friends with the enemies of Israel. I was  talking briefly with a friend a few days ago who said that every premier in this country who has made decisions that do not favour Israel doesn’t stay as Prime minister for long and he named a list of British Prime ministers and their decisions and how they found themselves out of office as a result. Interesting isn’t it?

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