Prayer for England Day 43

I often think that God is a God of opposites and that when we learn how he deals with things in this way it gives us some insight into his character. To say outright that God does the opposite to what we expect is not quite what I mean but in my experience its been a bit like that.

If I’ve ever asked God for more faith he’ll dry up my finances and say OK live by faith or if I’m struggling with forgiving someone he’ll say invite them out for a coffee or do something positive for them. When I was single I wanted more friends so he said get more involved with the church that way people will notice you more. If you want to stop a spiritual attack on your finances give some money away to a Christian charity. So you see why I sometimes feel God is a God of opposites.

It’s easy to understand these things when you’ve experienced them on a personal level but there is a time in our spiritual walk that God desires to take us to that next stage. When I first began my Christian walk on February 14th 1982 I had a compulsion to read about some of the great people of God over the past 100 years and the miracles that these people saw  through their commitment to prayer. It excited me on one level but on another it terrified me, I felt I had to become this way too and thought how can I become like that!

Well the answer simply is you can’t nor would God ever expect you too. The stress that this kind of expectation will place on you is complete self absorption and having this thought is really a sense of pride in how you think God can position you to receive praise that belongs solely to him.  It took me many years to understand this and now I just have a desire to be obedient to his voice.

The desire I have now is to pray everyday and cry out for the mercy and grace for our eternal Father to bless this nation and I will not stop mentioning it in this blog because I believe with all my heart that for this country to survive politically, economically and spiritually we have to believe in the God of the opposite approach and lay down our English pride and ask that Israel forgive us for our desertion and betrayal towards them in the early part of  the last century. If I’m wrong in the things I say then I’m sorry but if I’m right I’ll be repenting of my pride.

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