Prayer for England Day 44

Prayer and commitment can be a difficult thing to maintain especially when you are feeling angry about things that have not gone quite how you expected them to. Today for me has been such a time because no matter what I asked of people they just didn’t see things the way I did and no matter how well I put my case across the answer to problems which I have spent a long time considering and gaining a perspective over simply wasn’t shared by my colleagues.

If I were then to take a step back and consider further my own actions when God tries to get my attention I guess this must have a similar effect on how God sees my stubbornness and difficult to reach opinions about things. It’s infuriating that as I write this I see a perspective of God that has me squirming inside in embarrassment at how I simply miss the point to His motives in my life.

As I take this idea a stage further and place this into a national perspective about our past as a country I can see how this nation’s pride must have God slamming his hand into his forehead thinking “man those Brits again” just won’t listen. I can see a perspective over time that for our past to be resolved before God, it basically means asking the Lord to soften the hearts of men in positions of power that they will have the confidence to listen and see the bigger picture and to trust in the things they hear.

I pray the men and women in authority that don’t yet know God will be influenced over the workings and decisions made by Godly men of years gone by that have shown and fulfilled ideas that may have at first sounded completely off the wall. I pray there are those in authority that will take “the risk” needed for God to show His power and glory in order to place this country back in the realm of divine destiny.

I pray that God will raise up Christian men and women who will share a prayer burden for this country and influence those in authority. I pray they will share a common purpose and desire the will of God for our country to again find the eternal position that the Lord desires to see our nation placed in history.

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