Prayer for England Day 46

Christianity and Politics are, in my view, indisputably connected because not to include God in the things of man is sin. The earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord, so the word of God clearly says.

A councillor from Bideford in Devon has the backing of the national secular society and has today won a test case that states prayers are not to form a statutory part of any agenda for council meetings. It is my view that to go down this road is a very dangerous walk indeed. Just to inform those who didn’t know; In the USA in 1962 prayers formed part of the national curriculum which to some was “state sponsored prayer” which was formally ended that year.  There were a few test cases to re-instate this but the initial ruling has since been slightly changed. The following year the one of the most promising and popular presidents of the United States of America was assassinated President Kennedy. I have always thought that the decision to stop prayer in schools was in fact telling God to “keep his hands of the country”. I believe he did what he was asked and therefore there was, for a time, no protection over the United States which culminated in this afore mentioned tragedy.

This is a prime example for us as Christians to maintain a prayerful existence in all walks of public life because God has an expectation to be involved in all we do and decide for our nation. I will continue in prayer for this particular subject simply because it is so relevant now. I do think we are under a spiritual attack at present which needs  our undivided attention in prayer and warfare. If you have a burden to pray please contact your local Member of Parliament or local councillor and make your views known. We cannot afford to become a silent majority. This country needs an active gracious God in Jesus to continue to further our nation to its rightful place in history.

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