Prayer for England Day 47

With great wealth comes great responsibility, this is something I have always believed in. The sportsmen we see on a weekly basis who have shamed themselves and their families in petty squabbles, who offend and abuse others are a shameful example of not accepting personal responsibility. As well as failing to show any responsibility towards the younger members of society that dote on their every move they are letting down a country that has elevated their personal status. I work with children and young people and see the attitudes and lack of character strength being mirrored in their every life decision.

I see young angry boys being rude and aggressive to everyone who has the temerity to hold them to account for their actions while they, themselves, demand my respect without so much as feeling as though they have to earn it. I often can’t help but laugh at the notion of someone demanding my respect whilst at the very same time being spat at or sworn at for no other reason than doing my job as a responsible member of society.

So do we not agree that that this country desperately needs our prayer and intercession?  Just taking a snap shot at a very small aspect of society which appears to prove by its poor justifications in how it behaves gives me cause for concern towards the bigger picture for this country.

If we are this way now where will we be in 20 years time? Tomorrow I’ll show where we were 20 years ago.

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