Prayer for England Day 49

We may never know the extent to the motives of  God when he calls us to be obedient to his spirit. There have been countless times when in my position as a worker in a particular given industry that I may have worked in, and there have been many over the years, that I have instinctively known what it was I wanted and have instructed others to do something for me. I haven’t always had the time or the energy to inform others as to the reasons for my choice of instruction and have often been asked; why?

Now the reason I was giving such instruction was borne out of experience to the work, or many hours thinking through a problem only to have it questioned by someone who hasn’t been privy to the whole picture. When the “why” question has arisen I have felt untrusted or disrespected and have often acted insecurely by snapping at them or shouting “just do it will you”! Now it is in times like these that I remember what God must feel like when I question his instruction when I cannot always see the end frame in His eternal painting.

I heard many years ago a story of a minister who was traveling on a bus in the middle of the night along the coast somewhere in the north of England. To get off the bus at the next stop in the middle of winter and at night seemed to be utter madness as there were no more buses for several hours. The minister remained obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and alighted the bus, God then told him to face the sea and preach the word of God. The man could have tried to reason with God but continued in his obedience and carried on. He delivered a full sermon to the sea with the prospect of no-one hearing it and then went on his way. God never revealed his purposes to this minister for many years until one day a gentleman approached him in a church after he had preached one Sunday morning. Apparently this gentleman had been sitting in a rain shelter just underneath where this minister was preaching and was intending to take his life that very night by walking into the sea. This gentleman wanted to thank the minister for preaching the word of God that night years before which made him reconsider life and choose to become a follower of Jesus. So you see, we may never know.

I pray that God will raise men and women of God to remain obedient to his voice and that the reason for God’s choice of instruction is never questioned but faithfully heeded to bring Him glory. 

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