Prayer for England Day 50

I was going to let this day go without mentioning anything but I feel compelled to celebrate that  I am 30 years old in the Lord today.

I have been seeking God for this country now for 50 days and will continue until the time I originally said I’d give it which was 6 months. The way I feel right now I’d continue but I don’t want my enthusiasm to stand in the way of what God wants me to do. I have a special interest in the 2 world wars that our country fought for freedom. The first world war or the “war to end all wars” as it has been called is particularly heart breaking when you realise the amount of young men who gave their lives for something they so believed in. The majority of those young men were no more than 16 years old and quite a few of them were even younger, they wanted to fight for their beliefs and were so enthusiastic about what it was in the world that was wrong that they willingly gave themselves to their country.

To be honest these young men were not ready for war they may have had the heart but they did not have the character needed to maintain that core strength needed to hold a position in the face of the enemy when under fire. The life cost was immense for our country and generations went without a father. The fathers that did come back were so traumatised they couldn’t pick up their responsibilities within the family.

I have a theory which I could happily write much more about but the word count would be immense. This country has had to succumb to becoming a nation that has had few fathers of quality. The young men I see on the street now have a sense of what they believe a father should be but because of the lack of role-modelling they’re just crying out inside to be loved.

I have prayed for this country to raise up men and women of God who can model what it is to be a father and to call this country once again a “parent nation” to achieve what it is that God has called us to be for his purposes. 

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