Prayer for England Day 51

I feel minded to take stock at how far we have come since this prayer task started back in December. I remember being somewhat overwhelmed by what I felt was a task so outside  my understanding and ability that I started to pray for just about everything that came to mind or that caught my attention in the news. I have since realised that all those prayers were valid and were in themselves God inspired but the real sense of the task and God’s position in directing my prayer has been the awe inspiring national repentance towards Israel for the way this country has betrayed its legal responsibilities to God’s people, the Jewish nation. This has captured my spirit and has honed my prayer life to the point that I have to keep my eyes on Him otherwise I get quite scared of the enormity of the subject.

I touched on something yesterday when I said that this nation will again become a parent nation, a term which I feel identifies how the world has considered England. If we are a parent nation then there must be nations out there that consider themselves young and if you can call a nation child-like then there are those that have been so; particularly those nations that rebel against anything that this country suggests or formulates within the political elite in the world.

I know I have mentioned this before but I really cry out to the Lord and ask him to raise up men and women of God who have a heart to see this country become an inspiring and torch bearing nation to those lost to the world that teaches greed and self provision. I ask the Lord for his direction in prayer and spiritual warfare that we can stand firm in the world with our heads raised high knowing we have a Kingdom God directing our every path and decision.

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