Prayer for England Day 52

Time is very similar to money, certainly when you consider that we can  spend it swiftly or wisely or the more we spend the more we need. Out of the 2 I would love to have more time to spend with the people I love and also to pursue the things I enjoy but no matter how we look at things in the natural we can never really have ultimate control of either. In light of recent events in the realm of banking and finance it would appear that we would have more chance of  controlling time because we are friends with the one who can stop time should he so desire. In fact I have discovered the more time you give to God the more time he creates for us. In the same way that the traditional teaching of the tithe is taught in the church I have always believed this to mean all our fruits not just money. This includes our time, our energy and gifts and talents to use for His glory.

I believe the more time I “tithe” to God the more there is available to me, when before I struggled to make ends meet, time-wise, and always felt under pressure about not achieving the goals I had set myself at work. This prayer task is one such example, I feel so much more at peace with the time I have for work and other things at home. It miraculously causes me to be more available to pursue the interests I believe the Lord has placed on my heart.

I am continuing in my faithfulness to this task and am continuously asking the Lord to give me fresh strategies in how to pray into the idea of seeking Him wisely for this country and to push through what can seem a very daunting task. I encourage anyone reading this to please get in touch and share your thoughts in how to further the prayer burden the Lord has given me to persist in prayer and warfare for this country. I would humbly ask the Lord how we can influence the powers and principalities over this land for the further blessing and placing of this country supernaturally for the pursuance of His glory on earth.

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