Prayer for England Day 53

I’ve been praying today for our royal family as we see them on the news almost every day at the moment. The Queen ,in my view, is one of the last national bastions of God we have in this country. Her Majesty has tirelessly honoured the Lord in her duty as sovereign over this land and I firmly believe she needs our prayer more now than ever.  

On the subject of our sovereign I believe the  National Anthem is a prayer and I think it’s due to the reality of people not singing it in public as much as yesteryear that is one of the reasons we are as vulnerable in the spiritual real as we are. There are certain members of society that still take this duty seriously and sing the words with honour and pride but there are more people entering into public life that appear to have contempt for the words and either sing them holding that view or don’t in fact sing them at all. I often see footballers standing with solemn faces almost willing the national press to criticise them for staying silent before a national game when the anthems of each country are sung.

I believe that to sing a heart felt song over a country will release the protection of God wherever it is heard. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but if I had the time I would like to collect the songs and study those that are regularly sung over our towns and cities every week at football matches and to see if the behaviours or blessings over that part of the country are in someway affected by the words being poured over the land.

There is one very famous song that is sung every week in the east end of London which in my view should be banned for it is such a negative tune, the area where it is traditionally sung has suffered because of it for many years. It is one of the poorest and most negative areas I have ever visited. The first few lines are as follows.

I’m forever blowing bubbles,Pretty bubbles in the air,

They fly so high, nearly reach the sky,Then like my dreams they fade and die.

Fortune’s always hiding,I’ve looked everywhere,I’m forever blowing bubbles,Pretty bubbles in the air.
I’m dreaming dreams, I’m scheming schemes,I’m building castles high.

They’re born anew, their days are few,Just like a sweet butterfly.And as the daylight is dawning,They come again in the morning!

There are several more verses to this song which are as equally destructive in their delivery. I never knew or felt this depressive spirit when I lived in this part of London but I soon realised how bad things were when I moved away and was living outside of it. Every time I visit this part of London I find I am walking in to a cloud of hopelessness which is very noticeable. It is a part of London I hold in close affection so part of my prayer is that the church as a whole in east London will rise above this and flourish so high that they will soar like eagles above such things and come to embrace change and live with a long term view of success and achievement in Jesus.

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