Prayer for England Day 55

Exhausted, worn out, no feeling of inspiration at all and where do we need to look? Yes that’s right our eternal Father for the strength to carry on. That’s what I find myself doing far more now than ever before and sadly only those of us who know Jesus know where to turn.

I have been praying for men and women in authority in this country and for the office in which these individuals serve in our government. The subsequent workload must be overwhelmingly exhausting and the times they have to recoup their strength always appears to be limited. I have been praying that they can continue in strength and wisdom to make the right choices and decisions based on the best possible information available. I also pray for those in office who do have a genuine faith to remain strong knowing the Lord is ever present and willing to be involved in the world he left us to maintain and to be responsible stewards.

Whenever I think of the Queen I remain in awe of her strength and durability to continue on her quest as sovereign over our land. The Queen is a recognisable and tangible representation of the office of a “type of Jesus” that reigns supreme. There are those in the church that will refute and almost accuse me of heresy but I believe this is the case. I think this country lost its rightful sovereign when a male chose to follow his flesh rather than his duties before God and although I believe the Queen has maintained her honour towards God I believe she is in this position because God knew that the way forward would never be achieved with the men available.

God chose her because no man was strong enough to continue as honourably as she has. For this reason I pray that she continues in strength and honour because unfortunately I don’t believe there is a Godly man that will follow in her footsteps once her reign concludes.

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