Prayer for England Day 56

The more prayer that is placed into the heavens in order for a positive change to come about quite often provokes an opposite response from our eternal enemy. In this event a war breaks out within the second heaven  between the angelic hosts and the demonic forces which often causes things on earth to appear that they are getting worse. When this happens things can appear challenging for us Christians and cause us to become disheartened and may affect the quality of our prayers. It is in these moments when we need to up our game and continue praying earnestly knowing we have the victory in our grasp. I believe it is when we know in our hearts that the victory will be swift we then see a miraculous change that suddenly falls on the event we are  praying towards.

With the above paragraph in mind there are 2 news items that got my attention today. The first was that a church in bath have been told they cannot advertise for church meetings and say that God can heal. I am amazed at this because for those of us who have witnessed miracles and have seen God perform the most awesome of events are more likely to believe that He can do anything. I am more likely to believe in a miracle than to accept that to eat some of the items one sees in a health shop will make me look 10 years younger, people who believe this have more faith than I.  

The second news item was the reporting that the definition of marriage is being reconsidered. This is a call from the gay lobby that states marriage should be between 2 people regardless of their gender. This after all is complete nonsense because the act of marriage was first and foremost designed by God between specifically one man and one woman. Even the wedding ceremony has specific biblical principles that is clearly stated in scripture.

So the fact there are Christians praying for this country appears to be provoking events in the heavenlies. Don’t give up heart thank the Lord for his victory and continue in earnest for the battle’s that are being fought for the war is ultimately won.

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