Prayer for England Day 57

I think as Christians we need to know that its OK to celebrate successes and not to feel guilty of taking any glory from our Father. Not that its right to take any glory from our Father, ever. I have felt for many years there are some in the Christian community that believe ,and in my view quite wrongly, that if we are seen to be “normal” and drink alcohol and enjoy ourselves “in the world” then we are in some way guilty of sin. There is a fine line about enjoying the freedom of Jesus and being intoxicated with a worldly attitude which is the difference in my view about how the world perceives the church.

I think that overall, Christians have made the church such an unfriendly place that it has become quite irrelevant in the eyes of local communities. I want to eradicate this idea and become church to a world that has seen the church be misrepresented by the pious and the legalistic.

I’d like to start by praising God for the man in government who today made a statement about the wrongness of multiculturalism. I think that the Rt. Hon Eric Pickles MP was absolutely spot on  when he said that pandering to those that enter this country was promoting division, and the mainstream church needs to get on board with some of this thinking. It isn’t right to think that foreign communities can come over to this country and automatically seduce Christians into thinking that they are being hard done by. I do believe there are Christians who need a wake-up call and to start believing that the poor me regime of foreign nationals are not always what they appear to be.

I’d like to celebrate this success, at the way central government appear to be tackling this issue and more. I’m not talking about “tough love” that’s a term that is utter nonsense in my view. How can you talk about tough love to people who have never experienced love. In order for them to respond to love they have first got to experience the love for what it truly is and that is acceptance and the ability to promote change in one’s self and the community that you move in and around, that’s what love is all about.

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