Prayer for England Day 58

Dancing to the rhythm of life that’s what I feel I’m doing at times I feel as though there is a beat inside me that helps me achieve what it is I need to do on a daily basis. I think of this as the rhythm that God himself has placed inside of me which automatically helps me to intercede with our eternal Father. This Rhythm also helps me to interact with the world around me as God plays his tune. There are those that find it easy to get on with me and there are those that don’t. It is when we discover the people that have no desire to be around us that we can only assume their tune is out of kilter with the Father. So, in times like these the tune takes on an energy of its own and we find ourselves playing slightly off the beat. The eternal Jazz Meister is doing his thing and causing us to trust in him and often plays us so differently we find ourselves doing and saying things that are so profound they can only come from Him.

Jazz is a bit like this, so I’m told, I’m not a musician so don’t fully understand all the musical phrasing, but it is in these special times that I feel the spirit of God is upon us and the world around us changes as we continue being played. I’ve truly enjoyed being played by God and the Rhythm inside me is changing most days to facilitate the world around me. Isn’t it wonderful to think of yourself as a musical instrument in the provision of God himself which causes us to flow wherever he feels he needs to make a difference in the world.

I continue to pray and intercede for this country as the challenges around me continue to flow and to see the most amazing miracles taking place. I continue to cry out for the Lord to have grace, mercy and to show favour on our church as we enter a time I believe will shake this nation to the core. Remain faithful in him to play his tune inside of you and to go wherever he chooses to take you.

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