Prayer for England Day 59

To have authority in the spirit is an amazing realisation when in the work place. There are those people around us who, because of their position or pride in their own ability, sometimes make us feel ill at ease or may cause us to question why we actually do the job in the first place. It is in these often challenging situations that one has to remember who placed us in our job and the divine purpose God has for our future. Somebody told me once that no matter where we are placed it is always indicative of where God will take us. I’ve always remembered that piece of advice and it has generally always come true, wherever I have worked I have learned something specific or built a resilience within my personality to hold me in good stead for the future. 

I continue to pray earnestly for our future as a country, a country that has a heritage in Jesus and that our future blessings will depend on how we respond to our eternal Father when things get tough. I pray those in authority will come to know a side of God that will address their own insecurities and that they come to call upon him as Father protector and Father provider of wisdom and strength. I pray for a workforce within the public sector that needs guidance and protection from those that have no understanding of integrity of care. I pray for a deeper understanding of a work ethic that is safe and that those who are responsible for commissioning such work will positively report that people are actually worth something and not seen to be a list of statistics and numbers.

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