Prayer for England Day 61

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a legal binding agreement between the League of Nations and Britain. The League of Nations awarded Britain the mandate for Palestine giving them the authority to facilitate a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people coming out of eastern Europe to escape the rise of Nazi Germany. 

It’s interesting how God positions people because when Lord Balfour and Prime Minister Lloyd George  decided to follow through on the idea of the 1917 declaration 7 out of the 10 men who made up the war-office of the day and were all involved in the drafting of the declaration, all came from evangelical Christian families. I love the way God moves and instils a passion within someone and then gathers groups of people together to bring about a positive change to further His glory.

It was to be poorly executed because the MacDonald white paper of 1939 virtually closed the borders of Palestine to Jewish Immigration and this decision most historians agree was responsible for the avoidable deaths of 3 million Jews in Europe at the hands of Hitler’s Final Solution.

There is in my view a spirit over the forces in this country which in public life has found its way into our national Police service. I say this with some authority because I am involved with a programme that was originally designed to assist young people from being taken through the Youth Justice System. The programme I work with was designed to be a decision making process which was to advise the Police whether a young person should be charged or placed on a programme to divert them away from the judicial system. Now, the police have completely run roughshod over this programme and used and abused its purpose making it a “legal disposal”. This in turn gives a false statistical representation of the amount of crimes that are cleared each month. 

I have only just realised in the last few days how the thinking is very similar to the British Forces in Palestine in the 30’s and 40’s when the British Government instructed the forces in the middle east to facilitate the Jewish Immigration, they completely ignored these orders.  The British forces of the day stood idly by while the Arab nationalist movement gained momentum moving politically against the Jews at every opportunity. In 1948 the British mandate came to an end giving the Jews a homeland, Israel was once more but with a cost to the British Empire. The sun has finally set on the empire and her status as the world’s superpower has rapidly waned, and the nation has since fallen into moral decadence.

I can’t help but see a parallel between the Jewish nation and children. Both are precious to God and therefore there are those who appear to want to destroy everything that He holds dear. I pray for a rising of spirit filled believers who can actively get involved with spiritual warfare and break this stronghold over our nation. I pray for Christians to be placed in positions of authority that can make a lasting change within the political strongholds over this nation and to call on our leaders to formally repent of their decisions of the past.

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