Prayer for England Day 62

As I mentioned yesterday the MacDonald white paper of 1939 formally restricted the Jewish people’s escape of Hitler’s Final Solution to the British mandated area of Palestine. I think now this country can actually trace back it’s own struggles around immigration to the above mentioned point in time. God’s judgement has  fallen on this land in so many different ways but the overwhelming border control issues, in my view, are our biggest problem.

I appreciate that we are shepherd nation and this is what God has called us to do. We as a nation know how to care for those in need but when we care not how we might cater for those coming into our country and cause people to abuse and render the state helpless, beggars belief how we can move forward without a miraculous intervention from God.  We are  a nation that is sinking under the weight of émigrés flocking to this country and seemingly with no authority to end the practice of false representation, making us unable to check the validity of their applications.

When I was working as a Youth Offending Team officer I lost count of the amount of so called unaccompanied minors who came to this country stating their parents were killed and who always had a narrative ready to inform the British authorities the traumatic experiences they had suffered. Now, before I go any further I’m not suggesting for one minute that there are never any valid cases who genuinely have suffered; but for every one of them I knew were real I knew there were a further 30 that were bogus.

These young people claimed to be 16 years of age and the majority of them I worked with must have been mid-late twenties. There were some that were so blatant I often felt offended that they would actually think I believed they didn’t look like someone in their early thirties. There were some who had more hair on their face than I have ever had on my head and were trying to tell me they were 16 years of age. They had broken the law and within a few days they would have disappeared never to be heard of again.

I pray earnestly and repent on behalf of our ancestral authorities that made appalling decisions that broke this nation’s back. I pray and cry out to God for grace and mercy as we continue to face some of the most challenging times imaginable.

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