Prayer for England Day 63

The decision to forgive anyone of anything is a sacrifice, firstly it sacrifices our humility. The temptation to continue in un-forgiveness and the internal conversations we have with ourselves about who was really to blame and that “it certainly wasn’t my fault” is an all too familiar scenario that has plagued generations and will likely plague many more.

I am probably the most unforgiving person I know which isn’t a statement easily spoken out loud but it is one that I am keen to address. To be completely candid I have probably hated more people as a Christian than I have ever been aware of; certainly before I became a Christian because forgiveness before I decided to give my life to Jesus was something alien to my understanding. To give one’s life completely to the world of forgiveness is actually something I am learning about very quickly. I have heard so many stories of people who have been the victim of some heinous crime where they have had a loved one taken prematurely and have decided to forgive instead of hate, and consequentially have become free of immense pain. I have also heard stories of people who have suffered similar losses and have advocated the death penalty in parts of the world that use this sentence only to still be in emotional turmoil many years later. Proof you might say that forgiveness actually works.

There are many examples of people who have taken the forgiveness route and have lived amazing lives in order to advocate to the world a life that is so much simpler than hate. Speaking personally I always wanted to know what the process of forgiveness was and wanted to know how these people actually got to the place where they decided to forgive. The more I discover about this so called process isn’t actually a process at all but a very firm decision to say yes “I will forgive you”.

This is a huge subject which cannot be done justice in these few lines but I have attempted to understand the level of forgiveness needed for our country for the wrongs or our yester-generations on the Jewish People during the early part of the 20th century. There are those, I’m sure, that think to apologise for the wrongs of our forefathers is nothing more than an exercise in moral vacuousness. I would vehemently disagree with this as I am persuaded by the word of God that says the sins of our fathers are visited on the following generations which is something we can certainly put right in my life time. I pray that this nation can raise up those who have a heart to see this land prosper once again in God and to see our nation fulfil it’s eternal destiny.

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