Prayer for England Day 64

There was a programme on television last evening called Empire It was made by the BBC and written and presented by Jeremy Paxman. It was one of 5 episodes giving an over view of how the British Empire was made and lost. Unfortunately it didn’t major on the spiritual aspect to our nations successes and failures which after watching last night was somewhat disappointing albeit unsurprising. Some of the key issues around Israel were left un-said and to a bigger degree were minimised to the point of disowning the moral ineptitudes of the British at the time. What did surprise me and was shocking were the amount of promises that the British broke to so many people around the world and some of the people interviewed had absolutely nothing good to say of the British at all.

I was deeply saddened that a nation such as ours who had, and can have again a divine purpose before God to establish His views and purposes to the nations of the world. I do believe that the purpose of the British Empire that was, was divinely constructed but as always when man gets involved the purposes of man can become something that ultimately gets in the way of the bigger picture. When so many promises are broken it is only a matter of time before God’s judgement falls and it is as if he is saying “that’s enough, no more lies in my name” and so the empire starts to crumble and the purposes of man get bigger and bigger to such a degree that God just sits back and says “get on with it”. The moral decline in this country is clearly, in my view, as a result of the amount of lies and deceits spoken against so many by so few.  In order to get this country back on track we need some strong seismic moral decision making that will shake this nation to the core. I believe God can do such a thing.

I do feel now is the time to continue calling on God not to forget this nation at the time when we need Him most. I earnestly pray that we will rise up and apologise to those in and around the commonwealth where our ancestors have bullied, lied and deceived nations. England clearly has a Shepherd calling in order to assist, teach and build nations for them to ascend to a place in God’s divine purposes.

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