Prayer for England Day 65

I was praying earlier this evening for the church in this nation to rise up and to allow themselves to want to become accountable to a loving, gracious and worthy God. I do think sometimes we pray in accordance with our own mind-set and lack of courage and understanding of what God is willing to achieve through us. In this way we limit God and don’t allow him to take the rein in what he intends to do. I have a feeling that when enough people pray there will be a magnetic like reaction for a force of God like this country has never seen before and in such a way will cause things to happen that will totally blow our minds.

I think God will offend more Christian’s minds than ever before only in order to expose their hearts. I’ve always known God to offend my mind in order to expose what is truly on my heart. Its never nice when this happens but after you realise what our eternal Father is up to it can’t be helped but to raise a smile heavenward. I sometimes think that what I write is sometimes a little strange but after the answers to prayers I have seen over the years I think I’m being rather conservative in my views.

For those of you who are reading this and those of you who know what the Lord has placed on my heart I would encourage you to reach out in faith and ask God for a specific thing he wants to use you for. I’m not trying to recruit anyone to share my burden but if the Lord has placed England on your heart too, then great get in touch and lets share a common purpose in Him. I do however completely believe the best of this nation can only be developed in God by way of national repentance and apologising for this nation’s lack of integrity and honour towards Israel. I am seeking the Lord avidly to discover what he wants me to do and where he needs me to be concerning this coming move of the spirit.

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