Prayer for England Day 66

Life is precious, and today it was incredibly sad to hear of the untimely death of PC David Rathband who, after his appalling injuries from a man unworthy of mention in the Northumbrian shootings in July 2010, has lost his battle in coming to terms with his life changing circumstances.  I have empathy for his whole family in the knowledge that such awful changes to one’s life can so suddenly make things appear so irreversible.

As a Christian and as someone who has seen God change things and heal people of the most incredible illnesses I struggle where to start bringing healing to a hurting family. In times such as these God is the last person people want to hear about when tragedy strikes but it is in these times that God needs to be available through us. We have to consider a gentleness and at the same time a strength to know when to stay quiet and when to speak the truth of Jesus. We need to be Jesus in these times and simply allow people to be and say whatever they are feeling. This can be hard,  but it is a skill worth defining and honing by spending time with Jesus on a daily basis. The character of Jesus, when allowed to invade our weakness and misguided intentions, can achieve the most incredible solutions to a world in need.

I pray that the church in this country can become such divine followers and have such a new and refreshing view about Jesus that we will be ready to allow Him to move the mountains the world has built in the doorways of their own hearts.

I also pray for my own sense of forgiveness for this man who carried out these ghastly killings. I pray too for his family for they are also hurting, and I pray the church can also consider the victims of such crimes the public are keen to forget; the families of the perpetrators, I pray for their emotional healing in such tragic circumstances too.

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