Prayer for England Day 67

I had a conversation today with a work colleague who started discussing healing and how she believes in God, although as far as I know she isn’t a practicing Christian she just has very traditional roots in the Christian church.

My friend became very excited about something called Theta Healing and continued that she was saving up to train as a theta healer. She had been healed herself and was enthralled by this experience; it was difficult not to be affected by her enthusiasm. I intuitively felt something was not quite right about what she was telling me and so did my usual level of internet research. Now, I’m not your normal stand-offish Christian who will always refute healings if there is something I don’t understand. I use alternative healing interventions and have used them for many years. Cranial Osteopathy is one such thing which is technically an alternative form of medicine, however, it is scientifically proven to bring stillness and peace to the cranium and spinal column through the manipulation of the fluid in the spine. This is only my layman level of reasoning, a cranial osteopath would give you a far more detailed explanation as to the method used. I have found it incredibly healing over the years and it has given me good reason to recommend it to others. I have always prayed about my healing and when God hasn’t healed me I have sought other approaches, which have worked. This could open up a whole debate on the faith level of someone who chooses to pursue other means. If this is wrong then surely its wrong to go to see a GP; same argument. However, I feel as though my level of discernment in such matters is appropriate and safe.

Over the years I have met many people who have called themselves healers but have never given much credence to God. The one thing that has always intrigued me is their confidence in the healing which they practice. I’ve been challenged to pray more for people with the expectation of them being healed and to challenge God for answers when healing is not forthcoming. I still struggle with my own health but continue to pursue God in spite of my choices in treatment.

I have noticed a surge of healing clinics and healing practices that are not at all Godly coming into the forefront of our society and I feel very strongly that the Church is losing ground to some occult practices. While the church is divided on issues that take its eyes off the needs of society; things like arguing over whether the piano in the church should be on the left or the right of the stage, issues that really matter to God are being successfully managed by another spiritual realm.

If we as Christians can accept our differences and acknowledge each other’s gifts then we could move mountains for God and see the world transformed in our midst.

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