Prayer for England Day 68

The one word that has been bouncing around my head this morning during my quiet time is the word radical. Being radical for God opens up all sorts of images for me, there are those who, in my view, want to be radical for God because it is within their own personality so be so. There are those that need to be radical but have always lived a safe and quiet life and their sense of being radical would be to sit in the 3rd row from the front in church on a Sunday morning when they usually sit in the fourth row.

We have a radical God who loves us in such a radical way he gave his one and only son so that we might have eternal life. That’s radical living, to live forever and worship God for eternity. Wow!

I fear that the church in this country is dumbing down its radicalisation and choosing to believe the lie that living day to day is enough. I can never accept that because there is simply so much to do. Loving Jesus is my priority and the most important part of my being, and the influx into society of political issues that are unrighteously  challenging those priorities is enough for me to become radical for God. Prayer is such a simple concept but incredibly radical, because the world may see me raising my hands to someone they cannot see and then experiencing changes that are visible to all.

I am a Dramatherapist and have been seeking God in how to use my gifts in a radical and powerful way. I have been recently impressed with the writings of the Argentinian Dramatherapist Augusto Boal. He changed the face of politics in south America and used theatre in an amazing and  original way to change the face of how the poor were treated and how they saw themselves. This is radical living. My prayer is for the church in this country to trust God so much they can have confidence in their radical gifts and challenge the status quo; knowing that God can only change the world if we are willing to change ourselves first. How radical is that?

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