Prayer for England Day 69

The need to play is evident in us all from an early age but as we grow we fall into traditional and learned behaviour that says we can no longer be children. In my opinion this is where it all goes wrong for most of us, we are told and taught to conform to the concepts of the imaginations of those that surround our young and formative lives.

The church is no different I try not to rebel but my inner child longs to play and try out new things and be allowed to fail but unfortunately there aren’t many people around in the church who fully understand where I’m coming from. I speak about the church in the global sense and not necessarily the church I choose to attend every Sunday.

I think it is easy to notice men, in particular, who have had a strict upbringing and been taught to be a man well before the time was right. The more a child is allowed to play freely and make mistakes and find their own way in the world depends on how they deal with trauma in later life. I work with traumatised children and those who have and show resilience are those with parents who love and care for them but allow them space to fail and are not the parents who appear pushy and aggressively pursue their own failings and lack of success through their children.

I have been praying for young men to come through the church and fully accept that making a mistake is something natural and nothing to be ashamed, or afraid of. This next generation of healed young men  and women who can fully embrace the love and acceptance of Jesus on a new and exciting level is something close to my heart. I pray that these young men and women of God can be ready to hear the call of our eternal Father and learn to follow the spirit in tune with the Father’s heartbeat.

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